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Poll: Should Canada buy Detroit?



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Poll: Should Canada buy Detroit?

By David Weisz Global News

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Above: The future city of Windsor-Detroit

TORONTO – Detroit made history Thursday afternoon becoming the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy. If the bankruptcy filing is approved, the city’s assets may be liquidated in a massive auction to repay the city’s estimated $14-20 billion debt. But rather than seeing the former hub of North America’s automotive industry picked clean by creditors, Global News puts forth another suggestion:

What if Canada just buys Detroit?

The Good

More sports franchises!

If Canada were to embark on such a path, we’d need a few assurances: namely, the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons and Detroit Lions would be crucial to the deal. Not only would the Lions become Canada’s first NFL team, but if the Toronto Maple Leafs are any indication, professional sports becomes a license to print money once it crosses the 49th parallel (and is positioned close to Toronto).

Also, Canadians are getting a tired of ‘Chavril’ and ‘Bieber Fever’ – the following musicians would instantly up Canada’s music credibility:

  • Jack White

  • Iggy Pop

  • Eminem

  • Stevie Wonder

  • Smokey Robinson

The Bad

The FBI recorded 15,245 instances of violent crime in Detroit in 2011, including 344 instances of murder and non-negligent manslaughter. For context, that’s more than double the homicide rate for the entire province of Ontario (which had just 161 recorded homicides in 2011).

What do you think – should we embrace the future city of Windsor-Detroit? Answer in the poll below.

With files from The Associated Press


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It would make the busiest trade route between Canada and the USA easier to deal with. I live in Windsor and traffic around the Ambassador Bridge is... tedious. While the need to travel over the bridge would remain there would no longer be border patrol directly at the bridge so upon travelling over the bridge Transports could get to the edge of Detroit before needing to clear customs and all the local traffic (workers crossing the border to get to work) would no longer have their daily lives interrupted by randomized vehicle searches and long lines. Plus... Redwings.

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If you take away the crime and obscene amount of debt absolutely. Although knowing how things are in the US and Canada, it would be easier to educate, re-educate or at least employ the currently described "undesirable and impoverished" of the Detroit area.

My suggestion

Purchase Detroit and surrounding area, employ the now hundreds of thousands of unemployed and able Canadians with a massive rebuilding project of vital infrastructure, most importantly rail. By Building high speed rails across the aging 401 area and most importantly building a high speed rail system from Thunder Bay to Calgary twinned with nearby infrastructure like ceramic sleeved bitumen and LNG pipelines transmission lines and such, we would basically revitalize the entire country.

Put the big 3 auto makers into employing and building vehicles again in the southern Ontario area as well and employ tens of thousands more which would also drop the price of new vehicles in Canada via lower PDI and transport fees.

Working in Europe, Australia and China I can attest as anyone else should be able to. High speed rail is essential to a growing country and helps with everything.

China just completed over $100 billion in high speed rail and in grid lines across the country. Japan has done the same. Sweden, Switzerland Germany France Spain and the UK as well as Australia all have high speed rail lines. just seems like a common sense idea is all.

Can employ hundreds of thousands in labour, skilled labour and trades positions. When is that ever a bad thing?

And we get the Red Wings, Tigers, Lions and Pistons as well as a few other solid additions and maybe just maybe later on a decade or two down the road when the work is moving from cross country to in city and provincial infrastructure upgrades.

We can have Mike Gillis trade a now debt free and happily employed Detroit 2nd round pick and the Big 3 for Alaska

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And we get the Red Wings, Tigers, Lions and Pistons as well as a few other solid additions and maybe just maybe later on a decade or two down the road when the work is moving from cross country to in city and provincial infrastructure upgrades.

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