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Poll: Should Canada buy Detroit?



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if we buy detroit then all the americans left in the city would be forced to move out, since they wouldn't magically become canadian. so we'd have a big infrastructure with no population. sounds like a massive win for us. it would be perfect timing for the first full fledged canadian car brand to come to fruition.

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Any of you ever been to Detroit? The suburbs are nice but I wouldn't pay $7 for the inner city. Its like a horror movie made real.

One of the many problems those rust belt cities have is that so much of the land has been badly polluted by past industry, making redevelopment impractical.

That drags down any viable surrounding areas since big worthless tracts of post apocalyptic wasteland attracts the kind of "people" you'd rather not live near, the kinds of folks who'll run up and blow a cop's brains out if they catch one sitting at a light.

Snake Plissken, may have escaped from New York, and L.A., but his bitch ass never made in out of The Graveyard!

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