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Old Man Shoots Young Neighbor


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I don't usually post here, but I like to browse these forums and follow the discussions that you guys have. They are always humorous, but they also provide insight to what the general populace thinks of many key social events and issues. So after the Trayvon Martin case decision, I found this video and would like to find out what you guys think about it.


Do you think if the case in the video did not have surveillance evidence, the outcome would be similar to the Trayvon Martin case? Also, not exclusively talking about these two cases, but why does it always seem like the justice system is designed to favor the criminals more than the victims?

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The justice system isn't meant to favour criminals. It's meant to prevent innocent people from being punished for a crime they didn't commit. Of course it will never be perfect, and a lot of guilty criminals have gone free just because there wasn't enough evidence to prove they did it.

But that's the price we pay for not putting innocent people in jail.

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