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Lui's contract. Need clarity please!


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I'm still confused on what the cap implications are if lui was to retire early. Can someone please answer that for me?

Also, what if he traded away after a couple of seasons? Do we still get hit regarding the cap?

What if he pulls a Kovi and comes back after a year? What will be the cap?

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The penalty we take if he retires with us and is never traded is detailed here


Because there are so many scenarios possible with trades, you can play around with different teams and such here but yes, we do still get hit with a penalty.


I don`t think you can return to the NHL after retirement for at least 3 years.

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If he pulled a Kovy, as I understand it, he couldn't come back within three years without the approval of all 29 other clubs. After 3 years he doesn't need that approval and is essentially a free agent.

Retirement voids his contract but the Canucks will still be on the hook for the cap savings they derived for the first three years of the deal, spread evenly over the next 18 years. I think it turns out to be around a $250K per year cap hit so not that bad.

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