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Botchford On TH: Horvat, Gaunce not ready, Luongo situation



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No one knows yet not even that twit Botch.

Making the NHL is hard but the playing field is even and they have the ability to earn a spot.

One can only hope that management has the best in mind when it comes to protecting their assets.

I'd love it if they can push a vet aside because they earned it, if not I'm 100% on board sending them back to Jr.

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Horvat definitely isn't ready, Gaunce maybe is.

How many players honestly make a full-time jump at 18 or 19?

From 2011, it's RNH, Landeskog, Couturier, Larsson, Zibanejad, Huberdeau, Brodin and Hamilton

From 2012, it's Yakupov and Galchenyuk

Not saying that Gaunce won't make it, but that's a pretty good company of players who played full-time in the NHL in their teens. Gaunce hasn't really done anything special to prove that he's NHL ready.

I see it playing out as Gaunce getting a 5-9 game tryout and Schroeder taking over when he gets healthy.

Botchford is still a goof though.

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I think Gaunce is almost there. However why rush him? give him a year in the ahl to see how he fares against men.

no point on overwhelming him when we already have santorelli, richardson and schroeder who can easily take that 3rd line spot.

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As you stated in 2011 there were 8 teenagers who made it to the NHL.

Horvat was drafted 9th and D. Nurse and maybe one or tow others who were picked before Bo will not make it this year.

It looks like from those numbers and his overall game and playoff performance that Horvat has a great chance to stick with the Canucks.

Who wouldn't want a fourth liner that go anywhere in the lineup once he gets settled in.

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With the salary cap going down this year, teams will be forced to give younger players a shot, GM's know this and I think we'll see more teams take gambles on their younger players.

Having said that, a championship model is not rushing young players, but in a cap world, we're already seeing older players get phased out of jobs for youngons.

I would be ok with Gaunce making the team provided that GMMG gives him time off for world junior play, he was injured last year so he couldn't make the team, but this year he should be a walk on.

But in all, I think we'll see Shroeder, Lain and or Jensen before we see Horvat, Gaunce or Shinkaruk.

Just my opinion of course.

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Ya, I agree. In the end, Gillis didn't have a choice because his ownership group was unwilling to do what's best for the team. Unfortunately, it left Gillis unprepared. He shopped Schneider for only 48 hrs and got a raw return -leaving the team no better today then when it was bounced 4 games during rd 1. Now, training camp starts in 7 weeks and they still don't know if they have a starting goalie. If they do have a starting goalie, they don't know which Luongo shows up. Will it be the 12/13 Luongo who posted a below avg EV Sv%, or the Luongo who posted an elite EV SV% for 6 prior years? It leaves the team, who is looking for a Stanley Cup soon, in a very precarious and high risk situation.

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Gillis couldn't trade Luongo because he isn't worth the money he makes. Bobby has nobody to blame but himself for this.Nobody wants him at $6.7 million a season. Gillis couldn't give a bad contract like that away.

As far as the poll questions are concerned, I don't think either teenager is ready for the NHL, but they might be rushed into the lineup Islanders/Oilers style anyway..Bobby just has to suck it up and play. Quit being a baby.

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Lu will play it is his chance to prove a few things

1: he will want to be the starting goaltender for Canada in the Olympics

2: He was the better goalie between him and cory

3: he is a team first player

4: he will be a role model for lack and that other new guy eriksson or how ever you spell his name.

5:he is going to go out and show all the other teams that didn't trade for him that his <6million a year cap hit is going to be one of the best contracts in the league for a star goalie.

6: he can continue to troll the fans and media that seem so anti luongo.

7: he loves to play hockey.

all speculation on my part but i think it is pretty accurate

as for the OP

this Botchford guy is basing his opinion on a prospect camp that is happening at the end of these players seasons some that just ended a few weeks ago.

also a first for several and they are getting there feet wet in the Vancouver Org.

I say wait till preseason / main camp and then we will see who is ready and who needs some time but i do not expect many of these guys to bump anyone from our roster this season Jensen, Schroeder, and Kassian have the best chance of being on the team plus a goalie. but who knows maybe someone comes out and surprises everyone at camp.

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