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How Is Luongo's Contract Bad?

The Magician

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I don't see how Luongo's contract is considered bad, other than the NTC limiting the teams he could go to. His cap hit is @ $5.33 million per year for the rest of his contract. Some comparable goalies skill/stat wise are:

Henrik Lundqvist: $6.87 million/season

Jonathon Quick: $5.88 millon/season

Tuuka Rask: $7 million/season

Mikka Kiprusoff: $5.88 million/season

Pekka Rinne: $7 million/season

Mike Smith: $5.66 million/season

Ryan Miller: $6.25 million/season

Jimmy Howard: $5.29 million/season

Cam Ward: $6.33 million/season

Carey Price: $6.5 million/season

Some of these guys have never made it past the first round never mind to Game 7 of the SCF Final. Tuuka Rask has 1 good year, is still unproven, but gets a 7 mill per year contract. Every year Luongo puts up the same numbers or better than most of the guys and he is cheaper than all of them but 1. Why do people consider Luongo's contract "un-movable/terrible?"

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His NTC is a joke as well. At some point he is allowed to name 5 teams he's willing to go to. Now, if he was a power forward all 5 teams might be interested but since he's a number one goalie a lot of teams he might be willing to go to would have no need for his services. Think LA, NYR, Montreal etc.

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