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[Re-Signing] C Stewart with Blues


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Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger1m

2 year deal for Stewart with Blues. $4.1 mil and $4.2 mil.

chris stewart@CstewSTL2511m

On the eve of my wedding in proud to announce that I will be spending the next 2 yrs in STL.... #bluesssssss

2 year deal - 4.1 per and 4.2 per = 8.3 mill total

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They will have no problem being under the cap, as per capgeek the have $8,824,167 remaing and only need to fill one roster spot so a guy like craknell or porter will be not be on the roster anyways and they gain another 600k aprox. Even if they sign Pietrangelo to 7m per year they can afford paajarvi at 1.5 or so even 2 if they want.

I doubt Pietrangelo gets 7 on this deal but get 2 year smaller deal between now and UFA.

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The Blues are positioned nicely - very solid forward group - and plenty of cap space to lock up Pietrangelo.

Not impressed with their decision to give up a 1st+ for Bouwmeester - imo they would have been in a tremendous position of strength this summer with his cap space in a buyer's market, but at least he's a UFA at season's end. Aside from him their highest cap hit is their captain at only 4.5... I'm relieved they cut that deal actually.

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