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Names that would be better than Metropolitan Division

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Unreal. They take away the wonderful division names (Norris, Adams etc) and give us dumbed down geographical names for 20 years. Fast-forward to 2013, and there's a fresh opportunity to give the divisions some meaningful names. "Nah, let's stick with geography so that the Americans don't have to remember anything too complicated, but let's give the all-American, commuter-special division a name that suggests grandeur and sophistication."

I can't even read it without feeling a certain New York lawyer's arrogance. It reads as if everything beyond the division that surrounds his office is undeveloped bush country.

I know I'm overreacting, but it just reeks of unnecessary elitism.

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This just HAS to be a summer intern working at the league offices trolling everyone while Bettman and Daly are on vacation.

Maybe the league hired the guy fired by the NTSB for verifying the fake Asiana pilot names?

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