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How to get over a horror movie.


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I have to admit something. I have had reocuring nightmares for over 12 years after watching a horror flick. Not every night but frequent enough to keep my memory of it sharp. I just want to know have any of you had an experience like this? I watched the movie again a few years ago and also tried watching spoofs and "making of's" but it only made the nightmares more frequent so I have more or less attempted to avoid all references of it. Unfortunately I enjoy meme sites and what not so occasionally I find myself staring at the main antagonist from time to time (or watching one of those devilish videos that has a face appear shockingly half way through.)

I don't really know what to do about it. I am a grown man and honestly, I need my sleep.

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I watched 3 guys one hammer a while ago and that's the sort of stuff that can stick with you since it's real. Had a few recurring nightmares with that but with a horror movie that's not real just keep telling yourself it's fake and whatever happened didn't really happen.

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