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[Proposal] RFA Deals

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Just freaken sign our RFA's so I can stop looking on trade/singings thread wondering if we signed our RFA's?

Pretty Please!

I mean seriously what's the hold up? Don't tell me they prioritized Lains contract over JS and Tanevs?

So In case you missed it my proposal was to sign our RFA's.

I don't really care how much they get as long as it's under the cap.

Management is really Gilling me right now.

If you don't laugh at my joke it's ok! Generally smarter people laugh at dumber jokes, and dumb people like me laugh at our own jokes.

:emot-parrot::frantic: <<<< this reminds me of patting my head and rubbing my stomach. Good times.

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So you propose that we sign our RFAs to whatever they want as of now? I'm sure Gillis is working hard on trying to get deals that work best for the team. The biggest problem is probably term with these RFAs.

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