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(Proposal) Different Edler to Toronto proposal

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If I'm Toronto. I do this in a second. Gillis should be instantly fired.

Toronto gets a top pairing defense man, a real good defense prospect, a 1st, and another prospect that was doing well until the car accident.

Vancouver gets a good defense prospect, a 3rd pair defense man, and a fighter.

Terrible. I'd take Corrado over Gardiner.

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I'm not sure if the OP knows what kind of player Frank Corrado will become. He's basically, Christopher Tanev that is tougher and more athletic/skilled.

Gardiner and Franson can't play defensive hockey to safe their life.

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I know the NTC might come in the way, but his offense is replaced with Gardiner's and Franson's.

So should I change it to Tanev instead of Corrado then?

Gardiner and Franson were a plus pairing in the regular season playing together. They were also a plus pairing in the playoffs up until the 3rd period of Game 7 against boston where they combined for -3.

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