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You/she made a great choice. I have a 2010 Fusion SE. Its not the new body style, wish it was, but it has been a great car so far. 80k and only thing Ive done is changed the wiper blades beyond regular maintenance.

Mines a 2.5 and gets good gas milage. Your 1.6 eco boost will put it to shame.

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Got a good deal, they gave an extra 500$ for my moms truck and 3 years 1.49% on the lease at 415$ a month is pretty solid, we can still buy it at the end for the differance if we want but it gives us more options in 3 years

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I have the 2012 Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide and they have the following average re-sale values for the Fusion:

2006 - $8650

2007 - $10450

2008 - $12050

2009 - $13650

2010 - $17450

2011 - $20650

2012 - $24940 (average MSRP)

So, after 3 years, it dropped to about 55% of its original value. I don't know if the new model will necessarily be any better in the re-sale value department.

Not saying it's good or bad, just putting it out there so you can use that as a reference to compare to the buyout cost in your lease agreement.

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Notice the big price jump between 2009 - 10. The body style changed. Theres always that big price gap when that happens. Same will be between 2012 and the new model. Prob more since the new model is so fantastic looking.

Its funny. Fords track record proves their used cars are just as good as what Honda and Toyota put out (the consumers digest used car review will prove this out) yet their values stay low due to the perceived lack of quality amongst consumers. Which is why its usually such a good deal to buy a used Ford or Chevy over a similar year/model import.

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Apologize for hijacking the thread but does anyone have any experience buying 3-4 yr old suvs from dealer and how much you can expect to take off their list price? Also do you think blackbook is a good indicator for value or do you think VMR Canada provides better indicator? (VMR had a lower resale value than black book which would imply I could get it cheaper than what blackbook would indicate)

ie. 2010 CRV EX AWD avg list price is about $25-26k whereas blackbook has avg trade in value of 19.5k and VMR has wholesale value of 17.7k or 21k retail.

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