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Where does Cliff Ronning rank?


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We always talk about the big name Canuck players like Naslund, Bure, Linden, etc, where would fans put Cliff Ronning as a Canuck?

Would he be a top 20 all time Canuck? How was he as a player for us and during the 94 run? I never saw on the Canucks, but do remember him in his last few years on the Wild and Preds. I do remember when he was on the Wild, he was one of their best goal scorers and seemed to score often against us and seemed like he had a really good shot. 50-60 pt player with these 2 teams and being a smaller player

Thoughts on Ronning.

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Ronning was great.

Fast, gutsy and skilled. He was small but never took a back step from anyone.

Reliable point producer and a great team/community guy.

VERY underrated player and, in my opinion, an all time great Canuck.

We would be lucky to have someone like him on the roster today.....(Jordan S.?)

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