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Monday Cap Snapshot

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Well it's Monday morning and as it stands Gagner is todays big signing with Jagr in New Jersey rumoured to be closely behind.

So here as it stands is the snapshot of the leagues cap situation.

Note again the teams at the top, how Holmgren is doing this is beyond me.

And as of today, Edmonton has less cap space than Vancouver....?

Your thoughts???


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See the next post:

There's no need to a weekly thread to update what every teams cap situation is. If you want to turn the thread you created last week into a post that gets updated with the latest stuff, that'd be fine. Otherwise, people who are curious can just go to capgeek.com, since it's not like they're going to search for your thread to find the link every time.

You haven't added anything new to discuss, just a link to a site that gets updated all on it's own without your help.

EDIT: Since it seems you're not sure why this is redundant, perhaps the wording from the /index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules">Board Rules would help:

I'd say last week was pretty recent. Is there anything really so monumental it would require an update in a new thread versus the old one? Have any of our opinions really changed that much in the span of 6 days after mostly minor signings and only a few larger ones?

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I loathe killjoys.... Sorry remind me again why we need 300 threads on the canucks proposing to trade Edler to Colorado 15 times Toronto 18 times. Or how about why we need to know, who the greatest canuck ever is 5 times? Oh maybe we need another thread describing who the best player to wear #12 was. The issue with that argument is that really 75% of all of these posts are bloody redundant. This is meant to generate discussion not uptight attitudes where "FOLLOW THE RULES" needs to be thrown around. If it is redundant I am sure a mod will lock it, or you will report it to a mod who will lock it. Again this is meant to generate discussion nothing more.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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