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[Re-signing] Gunnarson re-signs with Toronto


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Nonis uses his 2 buyouts, then signs Clarkson, Bozak, Gunnerson to crazy deals. I personally think he is a horrible GM.

Vancouver - Quinn, Burke, Nonis. All let go from our organization then picked up by the Leafs. No wonder why the Leafs haven't made the playoffs in a regular 82 game season yet. I don't even understand why they hired our old GM's. It's not like we ever won a cup under them.

It's hard being a Leafs fan, especially knowing once Gillis gets fired he'll probably end up in Toronto.

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There's no chance Kadri gets less than $4.5 million right now. Gagner and Little's deals have seen to that. Fight it out in arbitration but he put up better numbers and +/- than both of those two guys and they both basically got shy of $5 million. The Leafs....are in trouble

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Nonis = Bad contracts. Gunnarsson is a 3rd pairing type disguised as a top-4 in TO. Not sure what he's done to deserve that salary or term.

Now Franson can as for $4mil. Kadri $5.5-$6mil. TO has $6.5mil left in cap space.

Starting to figure out why Dion is being so heavily shopped. Nonis is vapourizing his cap space.

I know the market has changed since, but bow down to Gillis for that first Edler contract he did.

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The folks in the Phaneuf thread arguing with me that the Leafs are 'fine' and don't need to capdump Phaneuf need to look again.

They spent themselves into a corner.

Ironically, MacArthur is far better value than either Clarkson or Bolland.

I think the Leafs braincramped themselves into a worse position than they were in to start the summer - and they knew full well what was coming. Now they have to enter the sellers market with absolutely no leverage.

Losing MacArthur, Grabovski, Frattin, Komarov - I don't think they're a better team today, and they have to subtract again... (and they spent both their compliance buyouts).

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I don't know if it's the same people, but it's funny reading on this forum how some think it's dumb of Nonis to be signing Clarkson, etc while people are bitching about Gillis doing nothing this offseason.

Toronto is showing exactly why you don't go after the big names in the offseason because they will cripple you and more often than not, they do not live up to their contracts. Also those complaining about Gillis should look at the contracts he was able to get his players to sign, so we don't end up having Bozak's getting overpaid.

Gunnarsson is a good dman though and that contract isn't too bad.

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I gotta chuckle at the Leafs approach. Just about 13 million into Clarkson, Bolland and Bozak...

And as things stand, their blueline looks like:







That's a pretty ugly blueline imo - with Franson still unsigned (if they can afford him... they'll have to subtract in order to add if they want both him and Kadri under the cap...)

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