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Question about Free Agent Classification

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Hey guys, so if you click on the link above it will take you to the official NHL free agents page for each team. It classifies the free agents under 4 categories: Group 2 FAs, Group 3 UFAs, Group 6 UFAs, and UFAs. If you read the little paragraph in italics at the top, it says that the Group 2 FAs are just the RFAs and the UFA group is all of the RFAs who didn't receive qualifying offers and are now unrestricted.

So,my question is what is the difference between Group 3 UFAs and Group 6 UFAs?

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Bottom of the page


These players have qualified for Group 3 Free Agency (age 27 or older or with at least seven Accrued Seasons) and are Unrestricted Free Agents.


These players qualify for unrestricted free agency, having met the requirements for Group 6 free agency. This group is defined as players whose contracts have expired, are age 25 or older, have completed three or more professional seasons, and (i) in the case of a player other than a goaltender, have played less than 80 NHL games (regular-season and playoff), or (ii) in the case of a goaltender, have played less than 28 NHL games (regular-season and playoff). Please note that these amounts are subject to pro-rating due to the 48-game season in 2012-13.

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Group 3 free agents are your typical UFAs who are 27 years old or have played 7 seasons in the NHL.

Group 6 free agents are 25+ players with 3 years of pro experience but less than 80 NHL games under their belt (28 for goalies). These players can elect to become UFAs if they wish.

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