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[Value of] Jacub Voracek

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What is Voracek's trade value, he is deadly and would complete our top six. What would you give up for him, and would what you expect if you were trading him away, to come back.

Sedin Sedin burrows

Kassian kesler Voracek

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Burrows kesler voracek

Sedin kesler Voracek

Burrows Sedin Kassian

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In real terms, Philadelphia has no reason to move Voracek so prying him away would likely require a return significantly better than Voracek himself.

If Philly was willing to move him, then Edler would be the only Canuck that would make sense to base the trade around. Maybe a couple of other minor pieces involvd on both sides.

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Ask a Flyers fan and they'll tell you they need help on forward, not defense (as long as they are healthy). They aren't gonna trade away a guy whose value and play is skyrocketing. He also has chemistry with Giroux.

It just doesn't make sense for Philly.

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