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Vancouver Island vs. Vancouver, BC

Langdon Algur

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CDC this is your chance to decide once and for all which place is better, the City of Vancouver (including all Metro suburbs) or Vancouver Island. This is also a great chance to chat about all the wonderful things and spots that make these two BC Vancouver's so amazing. Share your favourite sites, events, parks, etc... that you like in both places.

Be sure to say why your voting for each place in the thread. Trash talk is encouraged, especially if it's about Vancouver housing prices and traffic ;). Stupid Edit removed the poll :(

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I vote for the Island. Includes world class surfing in Tofino and Jordan River, Old Growth Forests all over the Island, Canada's highest waterfall (Della Falls), the provincial capital, awesome beaches (Parksville and Long Beach), great camping, and goats on the freaking roof in Coombs.

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Meh It's all great on the West Coast here... we are all very fortunate to live where we live. The ferry is pretty inconveinent living on the island and there isn't as much things to do as Vancouver. I have lived in both places, for families I would say the Island is better and for younger people without kids, Vancouver would be more appealing.... so really it depends.

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If jobs weren't more restricted I'd be on the island. I'm not a city person though. Vancouver's pretty and all but I like space, peace, quiet and outdoors.

As others mentioned...completely depends on your lifestyle. Vancouver offers much more for a young, single person who wants city things like bars, restaurants, Canuck games etc.

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I'd say Vancouver. I live on the island, and I love it.. But Vancouver offers more in general. On top of the endless amounts of activities, the close proximity to the border (and anywhere else for that matter) is such an advantage. Being able to pick up and go somewhere and not having to pay out the ass for bc ferries and deal with all the time it wastes is a major plus. Any time I travel, having to deal with the ferries is the worst part. It costs way too much and takes too much time. Not to mention you have to work around their ridiculous sailing schedules.

With the exception of Victoria, housing prices are the only real advantage to being on the island.

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