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[Official] Toronto Raptors '14 Season


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Toronto Raptors



With Colangelo stepping down and the hiring of Masai Ujiri, finally moving Bargnani, etc.. Do you think this is the year the Raps finally make the playoffs? Or do they have a losing season once again and go for Andrew Wiggins?

Projected Starting Lineup:

Point Guard:

Kyle Lowry

When plans to sign Steve Nash fell through last summer, former general manager Bryan Colangelo turned to the trade market and acquired Lowry from the Houston Rockets. A quick, feisty and capable defender, Lowry was seen as a good fit for coach Dwane Casey’s system. T

he 6’0″ guard made 52 starts in 68 appearances in 2012-13, with overall averages of 11.6 points, 6.4 assists and 4.7 rebounds.

However, his status as the team’s No. 1 option at the point was not fully resolved until Jose Calderon was dealt on Jan. 30.

Lowry has one year remaining on his contract at $6.2 million, but it is partially guaranteed as the team holds an option to waive Lowry before July 15 at a cost of $1 million.

There is a lot of flexibility here if Ujiri decides that Lowry doesn’t fit into his plans.

Shooting Guard:

DeMar DeRozan

In the hours leading up to the Raptors 2012-13 season opener, DeRozan was inked to a four-year, $38 million extension that kicks in next season. The urgency of signing him to that extension was debated because management could have waited to gain a better understanding of DeRozan’s value this summer as a restricted free agent.

The only Raptor to make 82 starts this season, DeRozan averaged a high 18.1 points per game on 44.5 percent

On the plus side, DeRozan has shown a willingness to attack the basket in his four years in the league and his mid-range game is improving.

The downside, though, is that DeRozan has connected on just 23.9 percent of his 3-point attempts over his career and he could stand to pitch in a little more at the defensive end.

If DeRozan can raise his game to another level in 2013-14, it might not happen in a Raptors uniform, although I can see Ujiri wanting to give DeRozan a look next season before deciding on his future with the team.

What makes DeRozan expendable is that the team has other players with similar skills, including

Terrence Ross who will enter his second season needing a lot more playing time to develop his game.

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Wingin' for Wiggin

About Bargnani's move, was it basically done because he wasn't able to get it done despite expectations of being the #1 guy? (I don't follow the Raptors).

Also, I guess that one 1st and two 2nd's for any player regarded as under-performing would be an excellent return at the time of the trade, but since you're in the same division as the Knicks I'd just be wary of the fact that if he finds his form he could come back to burn the Raps, with their division rivals in NY.

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Novak is a pure shooter. One of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA. He's not too great at anything else but he's the kind of player th Raps need off the bench since most of our best players do most of their work in the paint, Novak should help spread the floor quite a bit.

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Awesome. Ross / Novak shooting 3's lol. Raps look good heading into next season.

I hope Valanciunas has a breakout year, kid has a lot of potential, as does Ross. What do you think about Lowry? Is he good enough to start?

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