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[Proposal] My first try at a trade proposal.

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Seems to Me like the Canucks are setting up their youth in an attempt to win the cup in 3-5 years (hopefully before the Sedins are gone). My point is the Canucks at this moment are looking towards their future right now instead of trying to stack up to try and win the cup while crippling our future.

So Lets say Alex Edler agrees to head over to the islanders. They are starting to become a team that can contend and he would get top minutes.

Islanders are looking to add to try and win now while we are trying to gain youth and win later so maybe a swap of this sorts.

To Van:

Reinhart, 2nd round pick


Alex Edler

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Jensen Kesler Burrows

Booth Gaunce Higgins

Sestito Richardson Hansen

Hamuis Tanev

Garrison Corrado

Reinhart Bieksa

Basically putting a vet with each younger D man



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Hmmm, take out the pick and they may consider it. Throw in Schroeder as well.

Not much incentive for Islanders though. If Edler was more of a complete player that could run their defence it would be more beneficial. Don't think they need a defenceman that just puts of points.

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With the moves MG has been making it looks like the canucks are aiming to win 3-4 years down the road. We are getting young. Once Bo, Hunter, Nick and Brenden are developed we will have a better shot. This would let the sedins being in a more comfortable position. With seeing our forward group get younger I though why not get younger with D getting a similar young D type to edler who is also from BC. It was just an idea.

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A hickup with Derek Roy aside, haven't you watched the moves Gillis has been making the last 2 years? Gillis has been re-building since the Hodgson trade. The only players in danger of being over the hill in 2-3 years when Horvat, Gaunce, Jensen and Shinkaruk are all sniping and taking on big roles might be the Sedin's. And wouldn't it be a luxury to have them as your second line?

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