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[Speculation] Henrik & Daniel Sedin's Next Contracts

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Something with a cap hit around 4M. These guys are two of the best conditioned athletes in the game, they will last a long time (unless Tortorella's shot blocking ways break them down). They can play till 40 easily. Something like this:








Has them till their 39, then they can decide if they want to go back to play in MODO or keep signing cheap 1 year deals. This will also free up about 4M in cap space for the Canucks which will probably go towards new Tanev/Hansen/rookie contracts.

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Sedins eager to stay in Vancouver, even if there’s a rebuild:

The Sedin brothers are fixtures in Vancouver and they’re hoping they can remain as such into the future.

Henrik Sedin spoke with Iain MacIntyre of the Vancouver Sun about how he and his brother, Daniel Sedin, are hoping to sign extensions with the Canucks.

With both players eligible to become unrestricted free agents next summer, it’s on GM Mike Gillis’ “to do” list and Henrik says they’d even be willing to stick around if the team wants to rebuild. From MacIntyre:

“If we’re part of that (rebuilding), we can help,” Henrik said gamely. “We can help younger guys. That’s nothing we shy away from if that happens. But I still believe this team has a few years left where we have a chance to win.

“With the core group we have, we’re going to have another chance here to prove ourselves. But we need young guys to step up. We need Zack (Kassian) to come in and play the way he can — every night. And we need other young guys to come in, too. That’s the way it has to be.”

Hey, no pressure there Zack. Just keep pace with the twins, would you?

The thought of rebuilding in Vancouver seems far-fetched. With the Sedins, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, Alex Edler, Kevin Bieksa, Dan Hamhuis, and Roberto Luongo that’s a lot of talent to go blowing up.

Getting new deals for Henrik and Daniel are, no doubt, important for Gillis and company and you have to believe John Tortorella wouldn’t take the job if they were just going to let them walk. It’s just a matter of time and a lot of money.


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They ARE ~1ppg playoff players (.93 and .96 I believe) for the last ~5 years including the most recent/current. You claimed they aren't playoff producers. I pointed out they have produced at a VERY elite level (just shy of 1ppg) the last 5 years. This is supported by the links you posted.

How exactly does an average of say .94PPG the last 5 years equate to "not playoff performers"? What "third liners" are scoring at near 1PPG?

I don't know what you've been watching but most players offensive stats go down come playoff time. It's tighter checking and hence harder to score. Hence comparing them to their regular season play is silly. You should be comparing them to other players playoff stats. I'd love to see the list of players that have averaged .94PPG or higher continuously the last 5 years in the post season. I'm guessing it's VERY short.

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To me, their points come in bunches, usually on the pp. Don't get me wrong, they obviously don't suck, but they aren't clutch playoff performers as in, nhl/north american style playoffs. They can be effectively rendered useless with a little muscle and toughness, as we don't have players to stand up for them, nor do the refs make the calls.

They don't have another gear for the playoffs, because in my opinion, growing up in Sweden and not Canada, they can NOT have the same ingrained love for the cup as all kids growing up here do, playing street hockey, pretending to be Gretzky or Bure.

Call me an idiot, but it took until Detroit for a "Euro" captain to win the cup.

No matter how good a cricket player who grew up here is, he can't have the same passion as a dude who grew up in India or Pakistan.

It's human nature.

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I think anyone who think they'll sign for more than what they're being paid now is really over-thinking things waaaaaay too much. Not only that, but thinking about what they "haven't done in the playoffs" and basing a contract on that is complete garbage.

This is about how good they are and what they bring to the team. A contract should be based on what they can bring over the next few years, not what they've done in the past. You can obviously look at the past to figure out what they'll be able to bring, but a lot more will be looked at than just the playoffs.

They were part of the team what went to the Stanley Cup Final and to dismiss that and say they had no part of it would be rubbish. Teams had to keep and eye on them and focused more on them than they did Kesler.

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Whatever the terms being floated around now, we should not sign them until we know how this year turns out. With the crop of new young players coming into the organization and some of them actually having a shot at making the team, this is really what I call a transition year (at least more so than previous years).

If our young players prove themselves to be regular quality NHL players, and we have a good year (top 4 in the conference), and the Sedins still producing as before, and Booth comes back strong, THEN I would give them a contract (3yr X 6M or 4yrs X 5M, whatever). If we bomb this season, then we have to consider selling them at the deadline. Ottawa has lots of cap room and some young players to give us in return....

The Sedins are our franchise players, but we have to do what's best for the team. Definitely do not consider signing them until late in the season.

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Although they are getting older, they are still 2 first line players who would get top $ from many other teams. Just because it is known that they want to stay in Vancouver everyone wants to give them low-ball offers.

Time to stop drinking the kool-aid people. These two players got 6.1 per year when the cap was lower than it is now. Their next deal will be for more, likely 6.5 to 7 per year.

Joe Pavelski got a 5 year $30 million deal, Blake Wheeler got a 6 year $33.6 million deal, Dustin Brown got a 8 year $47 million deal, Ryan Clowe got a 5 year $25 million deal and David Clarkson got a 7 year $36 million deal.

The Sedins are better than all these and should get more $. I see 4 years for $28 million for each of them.

Anything below their current salary is an insult.

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