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[Speculation] Henrik & Daniel Sedin's Next Contracts

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How is the parade coming? We were out in 4 straight games last Spring and unable to score. I'm a fan of the Sedins but they aren't going to bring a cup to Vancouver with a contract that pays them 1st line $. I'd be happy to see them at 5-6 for 4 years but only if there isn't a NTC. NTC better come with contracts that leave room to go and buy 1 or 2 first line forwards.

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Trade them. They are old, we need to get ready for the next 2-4 years and they will be washed up.

Or they will retire and we won't get anything worth value.

I don't expect them to leave though.

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If we tank this year, they would each command a fortune as rentals (2 firsts and a second for the pair minimum), so that has to be considered. Realistically, they only sign now for a discount.

That said, the Sedins are more interested in being in Vancouver and winning with this team than doing a Hossa/Iggy/etc. or going after the dough. They are classy guys, and we are lucky to have them.

GMMG will want 5 years, I think.

6, 6, 4, 3, 3 = $4.4m cap hit. Bear in mind that they will be 34 starting the first year of that deal.

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I don't think they should have a cap hit of anything over 6mil in their next contract.

I think 5-5.75 mil cap hit is reasonable for them. They are great players and no one doubts their productivity but the cap has dropped so it will be hard to get a good team if their cap hit increases. I think they know that too.

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4 years;





= $25 mill

or $6.25 cap hit!

It leaves them the option to "retire" to Sweden after year 3 really. Signed before age 35; no penalty...

Does that work, what is the max variation in contract value per year in new CBA??? If not play around with signing bonuses and adjust the average values...

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