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[Speculation] Henrik & Daniel Sedin's Next Contracts

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First off, anyone suggesting trade them doesn't know what they're talking about.

It's basically impossible to trade them & would likely be a disaster if attempted.

They can veto any trade attempt & retire back to Sweden the following season.

Second, you need to look at what the twins have actually said about their next contract.

1) They want to win a Cup in Vancouver

2) They want to finish their careers in Sweden.

3) They want to retire from the NHL as Canucks.

4) They expect to take a pay cut.

5) They think a series of 1 year deals would be best.

So I'm expecting them to sign 1 year deals in the 5 to 5.5 mill range.

These guys aren't chasing the big money, they want to win & they want security.

By signing 1 year deals with NTC's at below market value, they basically control their own fate.

They have no worries about ever becoming a drag on the payroll.

They have no worries about their ever being an attempt to trade them.

They can take it year by year & decide every summer if they wish to continue. AKA: the Selanne model.

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4 years;





= $25 mill

or $6.25 cap hit!

It leaves them the option to "retire" to Sweden after year 3 really. Signed before age 35; no penalty...

Does that work, what is the max variation in contract value per year in new CBA??? If not play around with signing bonuses and adjust the average values...

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Then you will be thoroughly disappointed, amico. The Sedins want as much money as they can get before they retire and they aren't going to take discounts. I know them well. The Sedins will get 7 mil per each on 2 year contacts with a team like Detroit or Pittsburgh. Can't see the Sedins here in 2 years.

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Nice try. Gillis said he wants the Sedins in Vancouver long term and Henrik and Daniel also want to stay in Vancouver. So since they took discounts in 2009 when they were in their prime, what makes you think they won't now that they're 5 years older? The Sedins want to win here and with the cap rumoured to be going up after next season I'm sure they'll take discounts that would help Gillis sign a big name FA or two that would help us win the Cup.

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