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Things you hate that everyone else loves


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I know you said "things" but...

Rihanna (I liked her songs at the beginning of her career but basically she's sold out)

Lady Gaga (just weird as a performer)

LeBron James (I know Wade's ego's getting bigger too but at least he won by himself before, whereas Bron-Bron's all cocky because he won on a stacked team when, by himself, he's not able to get it done (prove me wrong, King)

In terms of media, I don't know why but I don't understand people's enjoyment of The Hangover movie; it never made me laugh when I watched it.

also, kiwis (much too tart for my tastes, plus the hairs on the skin get in the way; no offense to the CDC fruit) and slimy meat (e.g. chopped scallop rolls).

Golf (maybe it's just b/c I haven't gotten the mechanics of it but it's pretty frustrating to play)

SOME gag shows (Just For Laughs is okay in small doses but the Punk*d genre gets old really quick)

EDIT: waiting for someone to say sashimi or Despicable Me (esp. Minions or Agnes); we need to talk, then I'll arrange for you to meet with a therapist :P.

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This thread was made for me

Steve Carell - never even made me smile

Will Smith - looks like a trout

Martin Lawrence - most annoying creature on earth

Neil Patrick Harris - want to punch his face

The Pittsburg Penguins - I hate you all

Eggs - eating an unborn chicken

Starbucks - $75 for something I don't even know

how to order

Tim Hortons - everything from Tim Hortons smells and tastes the same.

Rap - it's not music

Indie music - ya I'm so creative

Any music in charts - a guitar drums base singer anything more is garbage

"Yup" - if you are going to take the time to respond with 3 letters why not stop yourself from being a douchbag and say "yes"

Yolo - shut up

Jimmy Fallon - settle down and comb your dam hair

The peace sign - ya look how well my cool hat and my puckered lips go with this peace sign.

The metal sign - ya I listen to Metallica and stick out my tongue while making this cool sign with both of my hands I put the X in Xtreme

Expensive cameras - ya I'm a girl with an expensive camera look at my blog of photographs of close ups of flowers

Alberta douchebags - ya, I work on the rigs, I have so much money, I have a jacked up Cummings and Malibu wakesetter with a dirt bike in the box. get the hell off the road, I got a Chip in my truck and 6" exhaust ill blow you away.

White Oakleys - Alberta douchebag

Snowboard googles hanging in rear view mirror - just wanted everyone to know I have snow boarded so I'm allowed to wear this burton jacket

Kelowna - ya I'm like an oasis for albertans

Tree hugers - screw the pipe line, screw the drilling, why are the gas prices so high? How the hell did my house get so warm?

There is way more but I have actually mad myself angry posting this so i will stop

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