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Roaming Cats Savagely Attack Woman Walking Dog In France


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Cats may look fluffy and cuddly, but any cat owner knows there's mischief behind those wide eyes.

One pet owner in France learned as much, when a pack of at least six cats attacked the woman while she was walking her dog near a forested area in Belfort on Sunday evening, according to local reports.

The 31-year-old woman sustained several injuries on her legs and arms, including a nicked artery. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment, while her pet poodle, which was also wounded in the cat attack, was separately transported to a veterinarian clinic.

The local veterinarian called the savage encounter "abnormal behaviour" and could not explain why the stray felines committed the act of apparent aggression, daily newspaper L'Est Républicain reports.

While cats do not usually attack humans so savagely, feral felines are known to strike out against perceived threats.

As Valerie Dramard, a veterinary behavioralist, writes in a contributing piece on Le Nouvel Observateur: "Cats are not the new zombies of the apocalypse. They are (very) simply territorial and unfriendly with unknown species."

That's it..cats are secretly bent on destroying the human populace and their furry adversary, the dog..

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