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Mafia: Propaganda


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Vote Alchemy Time

If I was mafia, I would not be throwing out hunch votes that do nothing but throw out my personal suspicions...if I was mafia, somebody with something to lose, I wouldn't be doing that. Alchemy always jumps on a bandwagon to blend in.

Similar situation happened last game with Apples. He took a shot in the dark and followed it intensely. Was he right? No. Was he mafia? No. Who was mafia? Me.

Ok here's my proposal.

Everyone vote for Intoewsable. I have a 0.16% chance of getting this right, but I'm willing to take the risk and my life for the good of the TPs.

Why should I do this? I like to live dangerously. If I'm right and Intoewsable is a mafia, I will gain the trust of the TPs. If I'm wrong, I will volunteer to get lynched next round and I'll even vote to kill myself.

Why should you do this? You will be guaranteed to survive two rounds, assuming you are not vig or mafia killed. Everyone has the same equal chance of getting vig or mafia killed since its so early in the game. So, this should only benefit you. I also just made your vote incredibly easy and everyone less suspicious. If Intoewsable is the mafia, anyone trying to defend or protect him will be exposed as the mafia.

The mafia are probably laughing at me if I'm wrong, but if I'm right, the jokes on you.

Everyone please VOTE Intoewsable.

Then what happened? I jumped on the bandwagon quietly, followed by the rest of my mafia bros. We all either gave a very concise explanation or none at all, or said we agreed. Just trying to blend in, like Alchemy and a few others are doing now. Learn from history if you want.

I urge the TP to go after these wolves in sheep's clothing, and the Vig to go after those lurking in the shadows trying to remain under the radar. Sheriff, if you're still alive, I ask you to contact me AGAIN. If I don't get lynched, I'm likely to be mafia-killed. So be it.

Now in the interest of maintaining the TP's great lead we have, I hope the good guys here believe me. But if I do die, at least you'll see I'm TP and you'll know which direction you should've gone.

P.S. Sorry Peaches. I'll give you a sensual massage to make it up for you.

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If you want to lose another TP go ahead and vote for me but the Mafia will probably kill me anyways now, so I can't really do too much defending now can I?

Why would the mafia want to kill you more than any other TP? Myself and the vig are already trying to kill you.

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