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Mafia: Propaganda


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We were suspicious of you for a while, only one on our group thought you were TP, and only one mentioned Crom! I think. I thought if you were a TP down against it on the brink you'd push hard to convince us.

Only problem is I had nothing to convince you with. I pretty much coasted through the first like 5 rounds of the game following the masses because I was actually pretty disinterested early on.

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The thing is though, you can't gain much from who the SK suspects since he wants everyone dead. The fact that Captain Aerosex correctly suspected Blueberries of being mafia doesn't clear him from being SK.

I'm suspicious of you because one of the rounds that you didn't vote in, there wasn't a SK kill either which could mean you're the SK and was busy that day thus no vote and no kill.

I'm suspicious of Captain Aerosex he contacted me saying he thinks I'm the TP, so if he also contacted you saying he suspects me, he could just be playing us against each other.

I nearly died when you posted this. I was certain that this would be my fatal mistake.
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