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Mafia: Propaganda


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Oh yeah,and thanks to T-Rex for hosting.

Always. Besides his rowwwdddyyyyyyy Friday nights, he keeps everything solid.

One thing you did good the first game was making awesome stories for the deaths. I know it's hard, but if you could get those back, the game would be so hype. None of this Federer lost to Nadal BS :P

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1. Snozberries [Doctor]

2. Captain Aerosex [TP]

3. Tiger Singh [TP]

4. Mau5trap [Triad Mafia]

5. Peaches [Vig]

6. JE14 [Yakuza Mafia Kingpin]

7. Intoewsables [Triad Mafia Kingpin]

8. Kiwis [TP]

9. Reigning Champ [TP]

10. Apples [Yakuza Mafia]

11. RussianRocket [Twinblade]

12. Go Faulk Yourself [TP]

13. Kryten [TP]

14. Blueberries [Yakuza Mafia]

15. Malkin Cookies [TP]

16. Go Mikeboy44 [TP]

17. Beluga Whale [sheriff]

18. Alchemy time [TP]

19. Gally [Triad Mafia]

20. Federer [TP]

21. Where's Wellwood [TP]

22. Carrots [Triad Mafia]

23. Crom WINNER!!! [sK]

24. Mufasa [Yakuza Mafia]

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With that said, sign up has already started. I wont be back in town till very late Monday night so I will hand out the rules on Tuesday. And the game will start on Wednesday.

With that said, we have quite a bit of time between this game and the next. Please leave suggestions for next game and I will review them and implement them on the next game.


T-Not so Drunk This Friday - Rex

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The Posse:

The Posse is pretty much the same as the vig, with the exact same power. However, instead of just 1 person being the vig, there are 3 members of the Posse who vote each round who to kill. Any game with a Posse cannot have a vig, as that would make the TP too powerful.

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