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Mafia: Propaganda


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I'll be a sheep and join in on the Reigning Champ vote. He's not a part of Fantasy Hockey so there's a pretty good chance that PM was Mafia (game) related. This doesn't necessarily mean he's dirty, but hey... it's probably the best we're gonna get right now.

Vote Reigning Champ


Vote Reigning Champ for now.

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Vote Federer

Last game whenever people copied eachother he made several comments such as calling us "sheep" multiple times.

Yet this game he copied everyone and voted for TIGER SINGH, despite everything he believes in.

Pretty suspicious if you ask me....

In his defense he was a TP and Tiger had everyone voting him out. Under those circumstances I would be pretty pissed too.

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Unvote Federer

Vote Intoewsables

Gally was viewing Intoewsables profile on July 25th (day the game started).

Gally was mafia, meaning Intoewsables and Gally were probably PM'ing eachother about Mafia buisness.

I really hope that this isn't a suspicious action because I can speak on behalf of the CDC fantasy hockey section by saying that we use the pm feature all the time.

We PM each other all the time discussing trades for the CDC STHS hockey league.

Edit: now I'm not saying that I know for sure that it was STHS business, but I'd say that it's more than likely.

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Kiwis is definitely mafia 100% I actually pm'd because he was one of the the two people I had the option of giving the medkit to, yet he leaves out that I pm'd him?

Vote Kiwis

I was under the impression we weren't supposed to discuss contents of PM's. Your PM to me definitely made me suspicious though.

However, I think you are being honest about your reasons for the PM.

Unvote Reigning Champ

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Well, I've got to go out, in the case that I won't be back before the voting period ends I'll abstain my vote. There are some good points made above, but I use PM a lot myself too because I run a GMC league so I don't see that exactly as an excuse to vote someone out. I also don't see why people are voting Federer just because he voted like a "sheep" in the first round. I'm pretty sure everybody does that come first round.

Just some food for thought though, last game, while I was Mafia, I realized that the people who tend to start the voting off usually turn out to be the mafia, SK, or Vig. They are the ones that try to get the hangings in their favour so that they can kill more than one person at once. There have also been a lot of lame excuses to vote people out, which would also make me believe they are Mafia, since they are trying to grab at air to get the votes to once again swing their way. I'd just like to let that settle in before you cast your votes each night, and be careful of how the votes are driven.

Vote Abstain

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