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[Report]Edler may not be able to go to olympics because of Staal hit


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@theScore: Alex Edler's hit on Eric Staal could cost him a spot on the 2014 Swedish Olympic Men's Hockey team: http://t.co/OyaKGynkBY

According to Mats Wennerholm of Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Canucks defenceman Alex Edler will face an IIHF Disciplinary Committee hearing in Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday.

Alex Edler was suspended for the balance of the 2013 World Championships following this gruesome knee-on-knee hit, which injured Carolina Hurricanes captain Eric Staal:

Pending the outcome of Edler's IIHF hearing on Saturday, his suspension could be extended further and might even cost him a spot on the 2014 Swedish Olympic Men's Hockey team.

Wennerholm reports that Alex Edler will be joined at the Saturday hearing by his agent Mark Stowe as well as Tommy Boustedt, who is the director of the Swedish hockey team. According to Boustedt Edler's side will present video evidence in an effort to demonstrate that the hit wasn't as bad as it looked. Good luck with that.

In May the World Championship disciplinary committee recommended that Edler receive a five game suspension from the IIHF for the Staal hit. If the IIHF disciplinary committee heeds that recommendation, then Edler's final suspension could extend through the three game round robin stage of the 2014 Olympic Men's Hockey Tournament in Sochi (Edler has already served two of the recommended five games).

Obviously Edler's side will try convince the IIHF to dole out a shorter suspension so that he can play a couple of games in Sochi before the rubber meets the road for the Tre kronor.

It is thought by some in the Swedish press that Edler's chances of making the 2014 Swedish Men's Team may hinge on whether or not he's eligible to play and begin developing chemistry with his prospective Olympic teammates before the start of the elimination round.

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Well I hope chara does something. I want character to hit him and end his career... but bounce off the hit and end his own career too! :D

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you get suspended, you do your time. I am a huge Edler fan but rules are rules and just because he is one of our guys doesn't mean he shouldn't have to face the music like anyone else. I hope Sweden brings him along so he can practise with the team and play after the 3 games though. he is worthy of a spot on the Olympic roster for sure.

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