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Canucks Interested in Daniel Cleary

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He's 34 and is likely looking for a 2-3yr deal. He's still good, but like Samuelsson, not for long.

This has Gillis written all over it.

I'd rather have him than Boyes, certainly.

The other guys i'd want are Morrow, Brunner, Mueller, Grabovski, and a flyer on Simon Gagne. Selanne in a wet dream.

imho Brunner is going to be a Leino-type overpayment by some team though.

Morrow's going to cash in, Erik Cole-style.

Mueller's a risk. Still alright though.

Grabo's a bit of a headcase.

And Gagner's always an injury-risk.

Cleary might be the most cost-effective of the bunch here, short-term. But i wouldn't expect much more than Samuelsson v2.0. ie. He'll vanish when we need him the most due to ill-timed injury?

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Clearly would be nice, but I we need one more depth d-man after Tanev is finally signed.

Would prefer to have some more competition for Y.Weber and Corrado at camp.

Still think Corrado is probably best served playing a bigger role in the AHl this year.

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Gabrovski is the guy nucks should be all over. He would be perfect third liner and I would give him 4 per year...i know cap issues and stuff would need to be sorted but if we want a better team then last year on paper he's the guy we should target. He's great defensively and offensively. Other then that this team is worse on paper then it was last year.

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Doubt this happens as Gillis said he wants the younguns to duke it out for spots. And why hasn't the fourth period been added to the list of unreliable sources yet? Or are they on the list and people just ignore it?

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