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7,000,000 posts countdown!


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I didn't really know where to post this or even if it merited it's own thread, but here it is.

So, the CDC forums are nearing the 7,000,000th post! Woohoo! I've seen other topics celebrating past milestones like this too.

As of the posting of this thread, we're at about 6.928 million posts.

When will we get there?

For reference here is our rank among other NHL based forums.


Some numbers are surprisingly low, so there may be a reason for that, other than just low post counts (maybe board reset or something?)

I couldn't find these teams' forums:




New Jersey

New York Islanders

New York Rangers



Tampa Bay


Woot go CDC!

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The other boards used to be lively but then they all were reformated (CDC did not do this and it was a long time ago) and the reformated boards were so broken and bad that all the users literally just left. It's the reason I stopped posting on Philadelphia's website and came here. If you go on those forums now it seems like they have 0-3 users on at once and only get a handful of posts the entire day. This seemed to happen to nearly every team that reformated.

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