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Chinese toddler dies after parking space row(DETAILS ARE TOUGH)


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Alright, I do concede that some conversation COULD start from it, but considering the frequency with which stuff like this is posted and the infrequency with which they come with psychological profiling and study, I do believe it is posted for shock value.

I DO think it would be interesting if someone were to post about the psychology of how/why people seem to love grotesque/horrific news stories that happen from a distance, though. I think it's all tied in with the archaic idea that "news" is somehow enriching. There's a book about the subject of how irrelevant and gossip-y news and "information spamming" television has become, which is really interesting. I'm totally drawing a blank on the title, but I will post it later

In the meantime, here's a news story (irony) about how useless news is: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/apr/12/news-is-bad-rolf-dobelli

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Here's an idea....take the advice from the article you posted "cut yourself off from news consumption entirely." Or in other words....when you see a thread like this, just move along. Is that so much to ask? The last thing I need is someone else telling me what's good for me. Surprised that article didn't say how much fibre I should be intaking daily. :rolleyes:

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