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[Eklund] Canadiens discussing with the Canucks for a defenceman

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All fair; I respect your opinion. But I debate hard till convinced.

For context;


Really its a trade for Bealieu. Markov needs sheltered minutes behind guys like Garrison and Hamhuis and could not give Montreal what they needed. They need someone stronger to handle bigger minutes. Let them give Edler a physical?

Injuries like back injuries are either career threatening (a risk to be sure) or generally get better as exercise and targeted training resume strength to a player. But where no structural issue remains any Doctor tells you with neck or back problem to get active and your recovery improves. See Gary Roberts, and take into account Edler played 45 of 48 games and was a minutes leader.

Odds are he improves; for us, Montreal or someone.

Looking at it differently; what would you trade for Thrower? He's further away from being ready and smaller, therefore a risk to make it. I see a Tanev trade straight up if it does not look like he's going to come in at a good cap value.

Were it Edler for Thrower we would need some serious value to make the deal. I'm loathe to think they would / could give up a top 6 forward. If they would, would Gallagher's size be too much a concern? An ELC top 6 forward would be worth considering. I don't see them giving up their center depth in Desharnais and Plekanec and their salaries pose an issue for us when our young guys arrive. Eller is a bonafide 3C and 210 lbs. If it were Eller and Beaulieu I'd be thinking hard. But of course we do have three young (quote/unquote) stud centerman perhaps just a year away? I find it harder top see common ground.

Lemme think on that; any idea's?

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I honestly don't see a trade that works for both sides. Especially this year with the cap artificially low.

Bergevin is building a very strong core centred on youth. I can see him staying conservative this season and let his young players mature. Guys like Eller , Emelin , Diaz and Subban took huge steps forward last season. Galchenuyk and Gallagher played their way on to the team and should continue to develop. Beaulieu and Tinordi should get legitimate shots to stick with the team this season.

Next season the cap should go up substantially. If Galchenyuk and Eller continue to develop I could see them letting Gionta and Markov Go at the trade deadline ir ket them walk in the offseaon. They"ll have Galchenyuk, Eller and Plekanec as their top 3 centers with one more season of Briere.

They'll have a top 5 of Subban, Gorges, Emelin, Diaz, Tinordi, Bealieu plus a number of other good prospects that will be that much closer to being Nhl ready. In my opinion THAT will be the time for Montreal to make a couple bold moves.

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To be honest, I don't even see the gem you speak of. Is pointing out that Eklund predicts less about hockey trades than an old lady reading tea leaves so controversial? Or are people just getting twitchy because it's been so long since we saw a game?

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I don't see Montreal moving Plekanec. Bourque for Booth and Tanev perhaps. Bourque has been more productive over the past couple seasons than Booth. It's a pretty lateral move for both teams. Throwing Tanevs rights in might make up for all the risk Montreal would be taking in hoping Booth can rediscover his game.

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No, it was the bit where you predicted;

Guys, I can see this happening > To Vancouver: Nothing. To Detroit: Nothing.

You were spoiling everybody's fun. Why else would we log in except to bat around the possibilities, regardless how much is fantasy.

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Why do you feel the need to make claims like this when you obviously very rarely actually bother to look at the facts/reality? If you did that beforehand...

Markov needs sheltered minutes?

First of all, there is a negligible difference between the relative quality of competition Markov faced, and that of the Habs defensemen who faced slightly stronger qoc. Markov's Corsi RelQOC was +.498 (9th on the Habs btw), while Gorges lead the Habs blueline with a +.691, with Diaz and Emelin having a very slight edge over Markov. By comparison, Hamhius was +.819, Garrison +.652 and Edler +.489 (10th on the Canucks - which apparently by your standards would suggest that he's "sheltered").

The second fact you've ignored - Markov lead the Habs blueline with just under 23 minutes a game last year - slightly behind Gorges 5 on 5 (about 40 seconds a game less) while Markov lead their blueline in pp minutes - and was third on the Habs in short-handed ice-time.

That, Surfer, does not add up to the need to play 'sheltered' minutes.

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