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Canucks picked Gaunce, horvat, and Shinkaruk and they made a trade for Kassian. As we all know when it really matters like Stanley Cup playoffs mostly North American players step up I see that attitude in Gaunce and Horvat. Lucic was picked in second round but because of his playoff performance he gained his confidence and became elite player for bruins, toews and kane are elite players but they pickup their play during playoff both north Americans list can go on and on but my point is we are building our core north American so when push come shove we got the best not like twins, edler, malkin, best player Ovi who can't elevate during playoffs.

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It is a shame the .org were not able to support the twins,Samuelsson,Eddy,Ehrhoff, Salo and Hansen with more North Americans or Europeans that complimented their excellence when the team had a real shot to win.

Maybe a northern European coach could help this team seeing how the Europeans have been a major component of this team`s success?

Tommernes,Lack,Jensen,Andersson,Rodin,Polasek,Blomstrand and Eriksson all have an opportunity to play integral roles in this team`s success going forward.

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