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The worst 20 ‪#‎NHL‬ players rated by the advanced stat of raw Corsi.


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LOL - Edmonton and Toronto each with 6!

The worst 20 #‎NHL players rated by the advanced stat of raw Corsi. A Corsi rating is the difference between shots directed on goal by a team in 5 on 5 situations and those allowed by a team. Included are shots on goal, blocked shots and missed shots. It is a strong gage of puck possession. Players on good teams will tend to have better Corsi ratings than those on bad teams and players who play with strong linemates, or against weaker opponents or who start shifts in their offensive zone will do better than those who don't. This is a group of players who either had poor seasons contributing little or played in tough defensive situations on weak teams or both. This must all be taken into account when rating players by Corsi ratings.


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I don't think this alone makes these players the worst players in the NHL though. There are a lot more factors than just whether a team gets lots of shots on goal to take into account to determine that.

Your title is pretty misleading in that regard.

And as you suggest, Corsi is just as much a reflection of a weak team than anything else.

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