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Ultimate Canuck Fan Haircut


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Not a fan, sorry. The red on the first one looks more like blood (plus the logo's fuzzy), and the 2nd one's okay but I wouldn't want it (I wouldn't want that teal color, and I'd keep it slightly thicker on the sides so that the white parts become more pronounced without needing to use the dye, plus I just like the black and white logo look better).

I think something done with the person's original hair color, with a sharp design, would look cooler than dying it. Something like this, if I was gonna get one, since it looks more natural and is quite sharp, without it becoming REALLY pronounced due to coloring:


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I think it's just plain stupid when someone gets a haircut of a team logo. Only time anyone should get a team logo cut into their hair is when the team wins a championship.

So for example if the Canucks were to win the Stanley Cup next season, I would possibly get the Canucks logo cut in my hair.

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