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Vancouver set to break 60-year-old sunshine record


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Pretty crazy the past couple years with the lack of rain in the summer. Looking at the forecasts, I don't see any significant rain forecast until at least mid August.



Many people may think of the West Coast as wet and rainy, but Vancouver is set to change that perception.

The city hasn’t seen a bit of rain in the entire month of July. Not one single drop.

“We’re probably going to set two all-time records in the month of July, that being the sunniest month ever and the driest month ever, if we get through Wednesday with less than a trace of precipitation,” said David Jones, meteorologist with Environment Canada in Vancouver. “Certainly the sunshine record will fall by tomorrow.”

Vancouver is forecast for mostly clear skies and no rain until Aug. 2.

The last time it was so sunny was back in July 1985 when they city had 388 continuous hours of sunshine. The records go back to 1953.

As for precipitation, July 1985 and 1953 were the driest ever recorded for Vancouver. However, both times there were trace amounts of rain. Rain is only measured if it is 0.2 mm or more. Anything less than that, it’s considered trace. This means that July 2013 will go down in the record books as being the only month that had absolutely no rain at all, measurable or not.

The reason the weather has been so nice is due to a high pressure system that is keeping it cloudless and forcing any storms north, according to Jones.

“The other interesting thing about this is that our climate out here is spectacular in that we haven’t had any extreme heat during that whole period,” Jones said. “It’s been a very comfortable low to mid-20s all around Vancouver…we get the nice sea breeze, the cooling effect, so it’s been a very comfortable month.”

Jones said that Vancouver’s climate does produce long streaks of good weather from about mid-July to mid-August, but this is the longest streak in some time.

“It’s been an extraordinary month in terms of sunshine and in terms of absolutely no precipitation.”

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It's been unseasonably wet and overcast here in Calgary this summer. Obviously we've all heard about the flooding here in Alberta, but even with that aside, there have been as many days of rain as there have been sunshine.

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We really just need to learn to control weather. I'd be happy if we could get it to rain say Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from say 1-5am. Just enough to keep lawns/gardens green, reduce forest fire risks etc.

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