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[Value of] Jack Johnson

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Ever since Ehrhoff has left we really never replaced him.

If Edler ends up not becoming offensively good enough to QB a PP(which he can but only time will tell), we need to fill our vacant QB need on the PP via trade if we ever want to become a team we once was. As the Sedins are not getting any younger.

Jack Johnson comes to mind. He can skate,hit,has great skill and can most importantly, move the puck. He can also shoot the puck very well time to time. Johnson has great decision makings in his own end that will give his teammates a fast transition game and move the puck up the ice efficiently out of his end and into the opponents blue line, even if being fore checked. Whether its a quick pass to his winger or he takes it in himself protecting the puck like a Mama bear and her cub.

He works the point well on the PP and with his good and hard shot and very good passing ability, that duo is just a nightmare for any PK line. He can be a set up man for Kes,Garrison or Edler or even one of our forwards with a slap pass. He is a PP specialist, he can make good things happen. With his complete puck moving ability,OFFENSIVE upside(at least more than edler's), with the talent surrounding him and being young he can definitely become a QB on the PP, if he isn't one already.

The only cons about receiving Johnson is two things. His plus/minus and we get another LH dman. I am not too worried with his plus/minus if he becomes a Canuck. Confident it will no way be worse then his past plus/minus stats. Him being a LH dman, another LH dman is going to have to live with playing on the right side. It happens a lot with a lot of other teams in the NHL and that defensive line is completely fine. Maybe with a new coach and coaching system that will change the liking for that LH dman playing on the right side.


Johnson-Juice (Toews you better keep your head up)


So what do you think we have to give up in a trade to receive Jack Johnson if Edler doesn't live up to become a PP QB?

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Jeff Carter lol jk

He's still young at 26, good puck moving physical d-man, basically brings the whole package. Good thing is he has about a 4.3m cap hit meaning he'll cost more in terms of what we'd have to give up. I'm guessing a d-man in return, Bieksa, a bottom 6 forward, Weise? a prospect [b- - c+ level] Corrado? and likely a pick.

Bieksa, Weise, Corrado, 1st

something along the lines of that but likely more

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