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[Potential Idea] Sig Wars


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I was thinking of leaving it until Monday before making the first official post.

I was thinking we go with a head to head competition first. So the first two people to reply to the thread wanting to participate will take part in the 'war.' The picture/render to be used will be posted once the two competitors have been determined.

Sound good?

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^ Seems like a good idea. Having it sent to a designated person would be fair, and both will be posted once both are sent in :)

Keep the suggestions coming, the more the better. Like I said, we'll leave this open until Monday and make the official first post then.

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Who is going to be in charge of this?

How do we sign up?

Also I think we should request a subforum for this. A lot of threads are going to be created as a result of this, and a subforum would also keep this from dying (for a third time).

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