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Bite me Burr

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Its always the same old crap here. Someone comes on and tries to create a discussion with some controversial topics and when they dont blend into the mass opinion they are piled on by the self proclaimed experts that usally have 10,000 or more posts to thier credit. Get a life.

It is a circus and MG should be fired.

A few reasons,

His screw up of the goaltending issue, the joke that was making Lou the Captain, the failure to address the third center position for years, the failure to address the lack of size and physical play by the defence, locking up players to lengthy contracts and NTCs that have hand cuffed this team for years.

I dont want to hear about home town discounts, it does no good in the long term. Look at Lou as an example.

Anyone who thinks that things are great here should get their head out of their ass and take a serious look around.


Hey, Riske1...

I heard Auld calling it a circus last night.

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A couple thoughts as an outsider viewing the Canucks organization this year and what I think has gone wrong:

1) AV had a better lock on the culture of the team than Torts. I think anyone here who has been in the workforce many years has had bosses that motivated you and other whom you couldn't stand. I don't respond well to the Bobby Knight style of coaching with screaming and throwing tantrums like Torts does. I never saw AV get out of line as a professional. I was watching some program on NHL last night and they showed Torts in the coaching room of one of your recent games and he was swearing and yelling and by the looks on some of the players faces he was not connecting with them. A good leader inspires others and I don't see it with Torts. Rather his method seems to be to lead through fear and we see the results of that.

2) I know Burrows was hurt for a long time but no one thought he would fall so far from his numbers. The organization needs to decide if this is just an off-year or if he just doesn't have it anymore. His contract is a lot of money to pay for someone with only 5 points.

3) The goalie soap-opera you guys had to suffer through I think caused more damage in the long run. You can't blame Gillis for it cause it's your owner who won't eat a contract. The right move would have been to eat Luongo's contract and make Schneider the #1 but it didn't happen.

4) The Sedins are getting older - still great players and a nice core but time to add another gun to help them.

Overall, and respectfully this is an underachieving team. I don't believe you need an overhaul on the players. Rather I think the coaching change was not right and his system is not right for this team. It will likely cost Torts and Gillis their jobs at season's end if you guys don't make the playoffs. You guys need a coach more like the one in Boston (forgot his name) but great leader, in control, and players work hard for him.

Correct. The wrong man was fired today.

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