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Sunshine coast


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Drive up and down the coast, stop at the beautiful beaches and towns along the way, enjoy the road trip. Depending on what knd of activities you are looking for, you could most likely ask anyone in any of the towns on where to find what you are looking for. The people on the SC are awesome and would be thrilled to help you out. I can't wait to go back there one day. I used to deliver over there every week when I was younger. The ferry ride is unreal!

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From Richmond to Horseshoe Bay I am not sure it will take more than an hour by driving, then 45 mins on the ferry ( which might I add is taken for granted, you sit up top on a summer's day or even a fall day when the tree's turn colors, think New England you'd think it was a cruise lol ). Anyways, once you hit Langdale if you drove straight through to Earls Cove the other end of the Lower Sunshine Coast it's going to take you about 2 - 2.5 hrs.

As far as activities on the Coast, it really depends on what you are in to. Think outdoors, lots of hiking trails and parks along HWY 101 through the Sunshine Coast.

You could easily spend some time in Davis Bay. You drive over Chapman Creek bridge going northbound and you make a right turn and it opens up to a seawall and the Georgia Straight with a view of Vancouver Island. There is a sandy beach in Davis Bay, some shops as well ( Pier 17 ). I would recommend hitting an IGA or something to get any snacks, etc as the shops can be pricey though good qaulity.

Once you get into Sechelt ( about 35 mins drive from Langdale ) you can turn right to Porpoise Bay, a nice restaurant " The Lighthouse " has a deck on the water and there is a seaplane terminal aswell ( I think the seas planes go to Vancouver Island and downtown Vancouver ). Anyways this overlooks Porpoise Bay, there are kayak rental places all around and lessons too. Of late in the Sechelt Inlet there have been Killer Wahles, dolphins spotted.

Could really go on and on, not the most " happening " place in terms of night life and entertainment, but if you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy the scenery and have some good eats along the way, then this is the place.

Sunsets at Davis Bay are pretty sweet looking out over Vancouver Island.

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My Grandparents live in porpoise bay there is a cool spit(on burnett road) you can walk down.Another five minute walk and you can go to porpoise bay provincial park which has a cool beach and a bunch of interpretive exhibits and a fish hatchery.

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