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Sasquatch Sighting in Mission, BC (viral youtubes)


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I'm still laughing at people thinking the first one is a bear on its hind legs. I mean, I'm not saying it's real -- it's probably a dude in a suit. But a bear? Are you kidding me?

Bears are very tall when they're standing up, but that height doesn't come from their legs. Look at that thing standing up, and look at the strides it takes, especially when stepping down towards the end, around the 00:12-00:13 mark. Those are not bear movements, those are DEFINITELY not bear legs

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Eh. Any footage that looks real will be deemed as fake or photoshopped, and footage thats too grainy will be deemed fake. It all comes down to your own personal beleifs, and personally I don't care. There are apes, monkeys, humans, all sorts of humanoid type creatures on this planet, a sasquatch would just be another one of those species. Frankly, if they were real I would pity them, mankind would likely just hunt them and make them extinct. Dolphins are pretty extraordinary cretures and we muder them by the bushel.

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Well, those "countless days" running around the British Columbian "jungle" haven't exactly served your eyesight or knowledge of the outdoors. As an avid outdoorsman and professional videographer (having shot for the Discovery Channel), I have spent more than a few days in BC, California, Yukon, and Alaska forests and has seen my fair share of Black, Grizzly, and Kodiac bears.

And this is the first time in my life that I have seen any subspecies of black or brown bear with legs that take up more than 1/5 to 1/4 of it's total height. :lol:



Also, a bear does not possess the balance to take such a large step down over logs/bushes (especially without the leg length to take such a step) and continuing walking along like a human/primate. There's a better chance that this hoax is actually Sasquatch than it is a bear.

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