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(Proposal)VAN - COL trade (Edler)

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To Col:

Alexander Edler

David Booth

Yann Sauve

2014 3rd rd pick

To Van:

2014 1st rd pick

Paul Stasny

Cody McLeod

Stefan Elliott

Col gets an elite top pairing defenseman that they desperatley need and they unload there highest paid center that is expendable since they drafted Makinnon. Booth will fit in their top 6 and Sauve adds to their d prospect pool.

Van gets a potential lottery pick to help with the on the fly rebuild and a playmaking center for Kelser for a 1 year expieriment while we wait for Hovart to develop. also pick up a high end d prospect with nhl expierience and is from Van.

Van also gets around 1.5 in cap relief to help sign Tanev and Fistric



Higgins/Schroeder/Hansen (Schroeder's position to lose to Gaunce)



Hamhuis/ Bieksa

Garrison/ Tanev

Fistric/ Elliot/Corrado




D is a little soft, maybe throw out a 1.5m offer for 1 year to J.M liles once he is bought out and he play third pairing with whoever and 2nd unit power play.

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Two things: I'm not fond of the fact that we trade away Edler to get a pick which may or may not be lottery anymore (the Av's should improve greatly with Nate and Alex, and their wings just got even better with Booth). Stastny's over-paid and has been underachieving, while McLeod (a fighter) and Elliott (young puck-moving D) won't fill the hole left by Edler's departure. Also, add your [Proposal] tag or people will scream that they thought Edler got traded, etc.

Landeskog - Duchene - Parenteau

Tanguay - O' Reilly - Mackinnon

Booth - Mitchell - Downie (that's one mean 3rd line)

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Pretty solid trade idea actually,

But Colorado got too much from us, i think the trade will already work even if we remove the 3rd round pick from us.

I actually think Booth and Stastny have similar trade value, with Stastny winning of course.Both their careers seem to be going downhill in terms of production numbers. And I think Edler is worth at least 1st round + top 6 potential prospect.

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If we trading Edler, a 27/28 yr old top 4(top 2 on some teams), we best be getting something in return that is somewhat "long term" fix. Not just a guy in the last year of his contract.

That being said, imo, both Stastny and O'Reilly are great additions. Stastny is still 27 and has great "hockey smarts" that you just cant teach. He usually plays top C on international stage. Usually performs great too. Anyone on here trying to discredit Stastny should setiously give their heads a shake. Stastny's problem is he is injured and has a hefty price-tag. Making him the 2C with Kesler on his right and another mucker such as Higgins or Booth(if healthy) could be a great line.

Again the only issue being that he on the last year if a $6.5mil deal. If we could get him re-signed for a decent price them Im all for it.

Rolling out Stastny as your 2nd PP unit is a nice thought

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