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[Report] Linus Omark close to NHL return but not with Oilers

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Linus Omark close to NHL return but not with Oilers, Swedish newspaper reports:

This just in from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, a return to the NHL for former Oilers winger Linus Omark. According to

Google translator:

Brynäsgatan (a Swedish hockey club) has previously declared interest and remained hard in the hope of attracting Omark to the club, thus reuniting him with former radar partner Johan Harju.

Earlier it was stated that a move was close.

But Omark has always been determined to return to the NHL.

And so it is.

Sports blade can reveal that he now only details from signing for an NHL club. “ It is starting to happen, I’ve got something going on. It feels great,” said Omark, who left Switzerland and Zug after last season.

There he became the first Swedish ever to take home the points league.

“I’ve decided what to do, it is concrete but we’ll see what happens,” says 26-year-old.

In the NHL, the Edmonton Oilers own his rights. After a rather lengthy history, they finally be willing to trade away rights to a competitor.

The agent Patrik Aronsson: “It is true that this is the NHL. But he is not finished yet and I will not say which club it is about. It feels closer than they did in the past and there have been some ways to go.”

In response to this news being reported here, Bob Stauffer of the Oilers tweeted: “Further to @dstaples blog on Linus Omark and a report out of a Swedish paper. The #Oilers are NOT close to a deal involving Omark’s rights.”

Bruce McCurdy of the Cult recently did a full report on Omark’s situation. McCurdy wrote: “In the past half-decade he’s put up numbers in the SEL, the KHL, the AHL, and the NHL, and this past year he extended that list to include the Swiss Nationalliga. After a year of not catching many breaks, Linus caught a big one in Zug when he wound up on a powerhouse line with Henrik Zetterberg and Damien Brunner during the lockout. When those guys headed out to Detroit in January, Omark just kept on scoring, eventually leading the Swiss League in assists and points.”


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He was on pace for 43 points in the season where we had our stanley cup run, but he under performed in the next season.

He led the NLA in points though, which is what Damien Brunner did in the 2011-2012 season. I'm not saying he's the next Brunner, since he had amazing line-mates for half the season, but he has potential and could end up scoring 50 pts if he plays with the right people. He's only 175 pounds and 5'10 though, so he doesn't fit the ideal NHL player


Wouldn't mind if GMMG made a move for him.

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Apparently the Oilers won't trade him and also they won't play him. IMO the team in question needs to do a offer sheet of 2 x 1.1M with a NMC.

Oilers get nothing and also they wouldn't keep him because they would have to play him..

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I dont see why the Oilers wouldn't let him go for future considerations. Would make the Oilers look bad keeping a player that they don't want on their team from playing in the NHL again. I have no clue what team would be interested in him. He's not good enough for a top 6 role in the NHL and not physical or defensive enough for a bottom 6 role.

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In all honesty I see Detroit making a serious play to get him, possibly even Gillis sadly as Gillis loves him some reclamation projects. But Detroit with The big Z, their penchant for grabbing Euro players and making them stars and the obvious connections could be in that mix hard.

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