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Time to change the goal song


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im sure you are the vamos vamos bang bang is not working.......

2 years in a row bad playoff performance ...... fans at rogers arena are sleeping through the game time to get a better song to play after a goal.... with more electricity!

and i have found 1 while playing nhl

check it out

what you think 42 second mark its catchy unlike the goal song we have now boring!...........

since were going a new direction i think this song works perfect!

what do the rest of you think

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Bro hymn by Pennywise is a great song for what it is and that my friend is a tribute song to a dead friend. Has nothing to do with hockey and would be a disgrace if it was used to celebrate a goal, listen to the lyrics. I'm no punk rocker I'm pure metal but even I know the meaning behind this song. And it ain't hockey.

I still say leave it on the ice by local Vancouver band 3 inches of blood should just be the. Nucks everything song.

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