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My day at Rogers Arena with Alexandre Burrows


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I thought Canucks fans would get a kick out of this; here's an album of a recent stint I was lucky enough to be a part of with Alexandre Burrows for the new attraction "Fly Over Canada". For most of the day, I was able to wander around Rogers Arena by myself and skate on the ice for as long as I wanted. Burrows would be hanging around, as well as the child pictured in the photos with me. The concept was to have Burrows and the child play together in a "dream-like" scenario, where I was the goalie. Needless to say, it was an unbelievable experience where I was able to be at Rogers for a whole day, get a tour of the place from Burrows, and got to interact with him for more than a few hours.

A few of the gems that I gained from the experience was asking him what his thoughts were on letting me stick wave my fingers in his face (to which he replied that I probably shouldn't ask him that before he shoots on me) and as well as getting a whole detour of the dressing room (gaming/entertainment room, washroom, etc.) Burrows was one of the nicest guys in person, and ended up giving a signed jersey and two of his sticks to the kid. I got quite a few pictures with him, a few autographs, and probably the best part of all, I had him shoot on me for quite an extensive amount of time. Was tons of fun. I'll try my best to answer any of the questions or comments you guys may have if you do!

Some of you may know me from a few videos I've posted in the Creative and media section. If you have the time, check out a web-series that a buddy and I have created awhile of never-before-seen and replications of NHL-inspired dekes and tricks. We're based out of Vancouver and are just two guys having tons of fun with something that hasn't been done on YouTube before. We have 9 episodes so far! Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.c...r?feature=watch

EDIT: The full album has many more pictures, as some people seem to not be checking the link :)

Full album:




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Awesome stuff! I love Burrows! A while ago I was standing outside Rogers Arena and he was the only Canuck who stopped his car, rolled down his window and signed autographs for everyone there. Super nice guy and glad he's a Canuck!

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Very cool. Just being on the ice with an NHLer or even high end junior players most open your eyes to how good they really are.

Tv doesn't do them justice how these guys make plays at such high speeds.

Everyone who has had the chance to skate or play in a pickup game marvels at these guys skill to do the things they do at top speed.

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