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HipHop Artist Battle Arena Round #3



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So lately i've been discussing with a lot of you different hip hop artists usually involving two different artists and debating who is better and why. I thought doing a regular poll with two different artists on a regular basis would be a fun way to kill time and discuss hip hop.

If hip hop is not your thing, that's cool, but don't spam the thread with hate filled posts.

If you have two artists you'd like to see go up against eachother post below.

Post a little blurb with the reason why you vote for the artist you vote for. Adds some more substance to the thread.

1.Nas vs Jay Z WINNER: Nas

2. Ghostface Killah vs Method Man WINNER: Method Mad

3. A Tribe Called Quest vs De La Soul WINNER: De La Soul

4. immortal Technique vs Vinnie Paz WINNER: Immortal Technique

5. (Just for fun) Snow vs Vanilla Ice WINNER: TBD

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