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[Proposal] Van-NYI-Next Franchise player for the Canucks.

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It can more than easily be argued that Snow has out GMed Gillis the last couple of years. Snow has done more with a lot less resources and the team has not even peaked yet. Mike Gillis has all the money in the world to play with but no brains and all arrogance. If you look at the prospects the Isles have amassed vs the Canucks the Isles win hands down. Snow has his follies but are minor compared to the other GM's in the league and people who think he is the worst don't know very much about the Isles or hockey in general. Also the Canucks are on a downward spiral and are in a desperate need of a rebuild for which the Isles are approaching their ceiling.

As for the DiPietro deal that was a Wang move more than anything. Its difficult for the Isles to attract free agents and they needed to show players around the league that they had a foundation of players to build around. DP was supposed to be one of those players but bad luck and injuries dictated otherwise, it happens. It could just as easily been Luongo with a rash of injuries and the Canucks could have been the team on the outside looking in. It just goes to show what happens when ownership gets involved in running the team. Which is what is happening now in Vancouver and its likely not going to end well for the team and its fans.

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