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Which of these do you think is the best ICE PAK package this season?



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11A cause of Boston, and all the other teams range from decent-Exciting

11B because of Round 4 game 1. Id love to watch game 1 of the SCF. Also lots of teams we dont normally have in rogers arena.

I was at game 1 vs boston and it was the best game I'd ever been to.

Never went to game 7 vs chicago but I'm sure that would win out.

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Yeah but if you gotta see any game this season it's gotta be against AV and the Rangers

meh Rangers play a pretty boring style. I went to both recent games vs Washington and it was some great hockey.

Crosby and Malkin are always special to watch too.

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Im shocked 11b isnt getting most of the votes

I think it's because of the "Boston" factor. And the fact that Pittsburgh/Washington games are on weekdays. I'd rather see Boston on Saturday night than see both the Pittsburgh/Washington games. The reality is, Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin play 82 games a year... visiting Vancouver is "just another away game" for them. They could be totally silent and do nothing the whole game. But with Boston, pride is on the line!!!!! Not to mention, package 11a has the home opener and NY rangers. Of course the wild card in all of this is Pavel Bure night..... I wonder if they put that in Package D in order to make it less crappy?
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